Balbo Baggins

is a character in Tolkien's Legendarium.

History Edit

Background Edit

Balbo was born SR 1167 as the founder of the Baggins family, as it is unknown who his parents were. He was married to Berylla Boffin, having five children (three sons and two daughters): Mungo, Pansy, Ponto, Largo, and Lily.


  • Buffo Boffin (father-in-law)
  • Ivy Goodenough (mother-in-law)
  • Bosco Boffin (brother-in-law)
  • Basso Boffin (brother-in-law)
  • Briffo Boffin (brother-in-law)
  • Otto the Fat (nephew)
  • Hugo Boffin (great-nephew)
  • Uffo Boffin (great-nephew)
  • Gruffo Bolger (great-great-nephew)
  • Griffo Bolger (great-great-great-nephew)
  • Tosto Boffin  (great-great-grandson / great-great-great-nephew)
  • Rollo Boffin (great-nephew)
  • Primrose Bracegirdle, nee Boffin (great-niece)
  • Jago Boffin (great-great-nephew)
  • Jessamine Bolger (great-great-niece)
  • Odovacar Bolger (great-great-great-nephew)
  • Estella Bolger-Brandybuck (great-great-great-great-niece)
  • Fredegar Bolger (great-great-great-great-nephew)
  • Gruffo Boffin (great-great-nephew)
  • Gerda Bolger, nee Boffin (great-great-niece)
  • Bruno Bracegirdle (great-great-nephew)
  • Vigo Boffin (great-great-great-nephew)
  • Folco Boffin (great-great-great-nephew)
  • Gerda Boffin (great-great-niece)
  • Hugo Bracegirdle (great-great-great-nephew)
  • Hilda Bracegirdle (great-great-great-niece)