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Rose "Rosie" Gamgee (née Cotton) is a character featured on The Lord of the Rings. She is portrayed by Sarah McLeod.

History Edit

Background Edit

Rosie was born in the Shire as a close childhood friend of Sam Gamgee and secretly had a crush on him, and Sam was in love with her.

The Fellowship of the Ring Edit

Rosie was present at Bilbo's 111th birthday party, where she danced with Sam and later appeared doing her job at the Green Dragon.

The Return of the King Edit

Rosie remained faithful to Sam, and rebuffed any man who tried to win her hand in marriage. Eventually, Sam returned and asked her out. Both of them began courting, and later got married. She and Elanor and Frodo both left the hole in order to greet Sam, coming home from the Grey Havens.

They had thirteen children: Elanor Fairbairn, née Gamgee, Frodo, Rose, Merry, Pippin, Goldilocks Took (née Gamgee), Hamfast,, Daisy, Primrose Gamgee, Bilbo, Ruby Gamgee, Robin, Tolman "Tom" Gamgee.

Family Edit

  • Lily Cotton, née Brown (mother)
  • Farmer Tolman Cotton (father)
  • Tolman "Tom" Cotton II (brother)
  • Marigold Cotton, née Gamgee (sister-in-law)
  • Wilcome "Jolly" Cotton (brother)
  • Bowman "Nick" Cotton (brother)
  • Carl "Nibs" Cotton (brother)
  • Samwise "Sam" Gamgee (husband)
  • Elanor Fairbairn, née Gamgee (daughter)
  • Frodo Gamgee (son)
  • Rose Gamgee (daughter)
  • Merry Gamgee (son)
  • Pippin Gamgee (son)
  • Goldilocks Took, née Gamgee (daughter)
  • Faramir Took I (son-in-law)
  • Hamfast Gamgee II (son)
  • Daisy Gamgee (daughter)
  • Primrose Gamgee (daughter)
  • Bilbo Gamgee (son)
  • Ruby Gamgee (daughter)
  • Robin Gamgee (son)
  • Tolman "Tom" Gamgee (son)
  • Holman "Long Hom" Cotton of Bywater (paternal grandfather)
  • Cotman (paternal great-grandfather)
  • Rose Greenhand (paternal great-grandmother)
  • Holman the Greenhanded (paternal great-great-grandfather)
  • Wilcome "Will" Cotton (paternal uncle)
  • Hamfast "Gaffer" Gamgee (father-in-law)
  • Bell Gamgee, nee Goodchild (mother-in-law)
  • Gamgee Family (paternal relatives)