Sting is an object/weapon featured in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.


An Unexpected JourneyEdit

Gandalf found the sword in the trolls' cavern and gave it to Bilbo as a weapon for him to defend himself and other people. However, Bilbo was horrified and told Gandalf he never held a sword before in his entire life. The wizard consoled the Hobbit, saying that he'll know when to spare a life rather than take one. Bilbo, though reluctant, kept the sword after learning it also glowed blue when orcs came by.

Bilbo mainly used it in the Misty Mountains when he was fighting a Goblin and also threatened Gollum with it. While invisible, Bilbo began to take his sword and kill the creature. however, the Hobbit saw how pitiful Gollum looked and recalled Gandalf's words. Instead, Bilbo spared the poor creature and made his escape.

When Thorin Oakenshield's life was threatened, Bilbo took his sword and killed the orc that would be Thorin's executioner. This act also made Thorin apologize for his ill-treatment of Bilbo.




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